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Common Queries and Questions

Over many years in Timber Buildings’ business we’ve learned what information customers are looking for and what questions do they ask most often. We tailored this section specifically to answer frequently asked questions about camping pods and general questions about our services and operations.


    • How much do you sell your pods for?

      To get an exact price please contact us.

    • How much is delivery?

      It can vary greatly depending on the location. To get approximate figure please contact us. Exact cost will be calculated…

Delivery and Production Terms

    • What is your production time?

      Our production time can vary depending on the pods you order but it is at least 3 weeks in any case.

    • Can you ship to my country?

      Our logistics partners can deliver Pods almost anywhere in the world.

    • How do you ship your pods?

      Our pods will come to your site built and finished on a truck or in a container. You will however…


    • What options for Windows and Door do you have?

      As a standard we offer residential grade double-glazed windows and doors. We can also fit our Pods with triple glazed…

    • Are your Pods insulated?

      We insulate our Camping Pods with rock wool.

    • Can you manufacture Pods with custom design changes?

      Yes. Our team is ready to consult on what can be redesigned, we will also help you to come up…

Payment Options

    • What currencies do you accept payments in?

      At this moment EUR and GBP.

    • What payments methods do we accept?

      Wire transfer only.

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